Tourist information

Tourist Information

Jurmala – the largest resort city in the Baltic States  is well-known for its natural treasures – the mild climate, sea, healthy air, curative mud and mineral water. The attraction of Jurmala hides in its almost 33 km long white sand beach, large pine forests and the natural border of the city – the river Lielupe. Jurmala - city on the wave!


Ķemeri National Park

Fragmented mosaic distribution of the forests is not typical for the territory, forests are relatively evenly distributed in the whole area of the national park with some inclusion of meadows and areas not covered in forest. Water in the form of lakes, rivers, sulphur springs and sea occupy 10% of the park's territory. Many of the outflowing streams have been altered over history to drain the marshland for agriculture, however the waters still support a wide variety of rare species, such as native snails and mussels, fishers, storks and otters.

Latvijas Kempingu Asociācija

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Līvu Aqua park

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Live Riga

Latvia's capital city tourism information.

Dzintari concert hall

The large concert hall with 2024 seats was to be one of the first open-type concert halls in Latvia and the applied acoustic and constructional solution was among the best. There are no walls and the space merges with the surrounding Jurmala dune park. .

Jurmala city museum

Jurmala city museum mission is to collect, store, exhibit, and promote spiritual and material treasures of Jurmala and its history. Since the museum was established, it has collected and today displays more than 50 thousands exhibits.

Tourism Development Agency

For travellers, the best thing about Latvia is that it is so compact. Its 500 km of sandy beaches are easily reached from historical towns, where medieval hanseatic foundations support baroque and art nouveau buildings, that become venues for cultural festivals during the summer. Families of storks happily give their seal of approval to the unspoilt nature, fresh air and clean water around them. In addition to Riga, its spectacular gateway, there are 6 other UNESCO world heritage listed sites. A trading hub for over 800 years, it is well versed in welcome. With such a variety, Latvia is best enjoyed slowly. .


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